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With Electronic Keyboards, the musical sound is generated or produced by an electronic device or by several electronic devices and is slightly different from workstation keyboards, it is mainly an affordable entry level musical instrument featuring a keyboard that enjoyed huge popularity in the eighties and that popularity and patronage is still going strong.The Electronic Keyboards rose to prominence with the eighties hit chartbusting pop songs and New Wave music and these type of keyboards are mainly used by children and learners/beginners and that is why they are often sold in toy stores and electronic stores where they are juxtaposed with video games, stereos etc.Electronic Keyboards are also priced on the low side. Whereas a high end feature rich musical keyboard used by professional music artists can set you back by anything upwards of $2000 or $3000, these so called beginner electronic keyboards are priced between $170 and $400 and are extremely affordable. The reason for this huge price difference is very simple – these kinds of keyboards are lacking in most of the high end features, which professional musical instruments possess, the sound output is rather mediocre or average, the keyboard itself is smaller in size and even a novice or a child can play music on it.And if you think that you can deride a keyboard of this type, then you are sadly mistaken because no one nowadays creates any distinction between professional musical instruments and these beginner instruments. You might not know this but there are quite a few music arrangers and musicians who love to use Electronic Keyboards now and then to add some variety and spice up their music. Pre programmed rhythm patterns that were included in inexpensive keyboards were used widely and frequently in the immensely popular reggae musical genre of the eighties.However, cutting edge computer technology has made it possible for even Electronic Keyboards to boast of high end features of multiple varieties that were unimaginable even a few years back and the price of these instruments is also reasonable, at below $1000.

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