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The MIDI Controls On An Electronic Piano Keyboard

Almost all electronic piano keyboard functions have MIDI controls. They use an interface to send data as well as receive data. Now what is this data thats sent or received by these controls. For the simplest type of keyboard, data would be sent at the moment you press a key on a keyboard. These signals would then determine the specific note that has been pressed and the duration of the act or pressing down of the note. The duration has to be acknowledged because the amount of time the key is being pressed down for; has to be the same on the receiver or other keyboard source. Along with this signal there are other factors working which enables the success of the MIDI control. Each key that you touch has a sensor to it. Now, the function of this touch sensor is to sense the amount pressure that is being applied to the key and according the depth of sound produced, that note will vary. For more pressure the sound will be deeper while for less pressure it will be mild. Previously, only professional digital keyboards included MIDI. However, today all the electronic piano keyboards use it for effective sound production. The main purpose of the MIDI on an electronic piano keyboard is actually to produce a variety of sounds rather than just improving the quality of sound. This function is often preferred, as it enables the user to produce a variety of digital effects in the music he or she is playing. You can have effects like delay, reverberation, tremolo and the very common chorus effect. These effects help enhance the sound sensation of your music and therefore create different registers of track in the listener.  Also, auto harmony can be used to create complemental notes of each single note at any pitch possible. There are also the modulation and pitch wheels that are added benefits along with the sustain pedals which help hold the notes for as long as necessary.Before MIDI was a common feature, keyboards were quite boring but now, every electronic piano keyboard can be used to produce a wide variety of sounds and effects.

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