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The Yamaha Electronic Piano: Immerse Yourself In The Melody

Electronic pianos are becoming very popular day by day as they are portable and have a more manageable size and of the various kinds of pianos that are sold, the Yamaha Electronic Piano is the number one bestseller and has been so for quite some time.The Yamaha range is a vast one and there are many different kinds of models to choose from.  One model features 61 keys, headphone jack, tonal volume and controls, controls such as treble, bass, tremolo, decay, pitch etc while the weight is around 89 pounds. On top of that there are added freebies like sustain pedal and a travel case.Since it is rugged and extremely portable, it offers a blend of good looks with functionality and also boasts qualities like sound variety, expression and touch. With real ease you can choose to shift between or flit between different color sounds on the very same keyboard. Although this piano is an electronic one, while playing on the keyboard you will get the feel of playing on an acoustic piano because the sound and feel of the keyboard is similar.Another feature is that almost all the electronic pianos in this range are velocity sensitive or touch sensitive. When you strike hard it will produce a crashing note and if you strike softly, the note produced will be softer. However, the actions are not complicated and the features are extremely user friendly.Most reviewers have rated the Yamaha Electronic Piano range very high and at times 5 out of 5 stars from learned reviewers. The range does not have any cons as such but some reviewers do feel that the pianos could have added a few more voices.But the pros will outclass the cons. You are getting excellent value for money, there is a graded keyboard feel, there are features like dual voice mode, onboard MIDI sequencer, 64 notes polyphony and the sound produced by the Yamaha Electronic Piano is a crisp dynamic electric sound with an acoustic feel.

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