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Buying a portable keyboard can be a very confusing task when you are not sure what to look for out of so many different interesting models. So it is very important to acquire some knowledge about the manufacturers, number of keys each model has and the connection i.e. whether it works with MIDI port or USB.
There are many well-known synthesizer brands in the market like Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland and some more. Apart from these there are many cheaper alternatives too, but you cannot expect equally good quality output from these brands. You may not find a good quality portable keyboard at a cheap price, but rest assure paying higher will be worth it. You will not get much confused if you keep your mind set for some particular brand.
There are keyboards in market with 32, 49, 61, 76, and 88 keys. Choosing the number of keys depends upon your use and knowledge. If you are a beginner then keyboards with 32 or 49 keys will be enough. Those that are with 61, 76 or 88 keys are good for the professionals or players who have completed a few levels.
A full sized piano has 88 keys. So if you want to Learn Piano with the help of a keyboard then an 88 keys full-sized keyboard is a must. The lesser the keys the more is the keyboard portable. The more the keyboard is handy, lesser will be the price. The only problem with the less key keyboards like 32, 49 and 61 is that while playing a full composition, transposing is needed.
There is another option of touch response in a portable keyboard. With the help of this touch response a keyboard sounds like a piano. It also gives greater control while playing. It improves the grade of performance as the keys are sensible to your touch. If you touch the key softly then the sound will come a little low and if you press the key harder then the sound will be a comparatively louder.
There is a LCD display on portable keyboards that helps to see the settings with which you are playing it. The modern portable keyboard also shows other details such as the modes or about the lyrics or scores of the song etc. This display makes them much easier to use.
All these portable keyboards can be connected to computers. They are connected with the help of special MIDI interface or USB cord. Most of the portable keyboards also have the option of recording. With the help of this you can record songs into your keyboard and can play it whenever you like. This option is very useful as you can record what you have practiced on your keyboard and can use it to improve your performance.
You can buy your portable keyboard online, as there are many good online dealers. There are even possibilities that you can get them at a lower price as most of the websites usually quote a discounted price.

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