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When it comes to determining the best Yamaha portable keyboard, there are obviously lots to choose from, but for the price, the Yamaha YPT200K has to be a contender. This keyboard has been a top favourite with many learners and I think it offers the best value amongst all the Yamaha portable keyboards.The instrument is astonishingly light considered the service its going to give you and the features that it is packed with. Moreover it is very user friendly and is extremely lucid in directions. If you are buying your first keyboard then this keyboard is a great choice. There are sixty one full sized keys on the instrument along with a hundred and thirty four instrumental tones that are high quality. In fact it also contains about a hundred music styles that you can easily use for backing and enriching the music you want to play.The grand features of this instrument include properties like a brilliant stereo system that can be used with the grand piano tone and with a sound, which is unmistakably piano-ish. If you are a beginner, this Yamaha portable keyboard is all the more beneficial because it has a educational learning suite installed in it which will teach you, step by step, more than a hundred songs saved in it. As such, once you buy this keyboard you will not have the need to take keyboard lessons from others and can learn to play all by yourself. I prefer this keyboard over many others because of its amazing sound quality and variety of included songs. Any other keyboard of the same quality would cost you more than the price of the Yamaha YPT200K by at least a half as much again. Overall, when you consider the price, the functionality and even the quality, notwithstanding the brand name, this Yamaha portable keyboard is truly one of the best out there.

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